Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Faye (Salon Owner)

I get ask this question a lot. I want my hair super blonde without bleach. I want to look after my hair. With no yellow tones.

Sound familiar?

Oh yes, we want that platinum white blonde hair (NOW GIRLS) Don' t we 😊

Well at Bailey & Jones Hair Salon we have the solution (without bleach) YES!

We have been using for few years now. Our clients have been loving the results.

We use a product that lifts 9 shades above your natural base colour. We always use low peroxide to help avoiding damaging your hair. We also use ingredient that we put into the lighter which helps strengthen your hair while in processing stage. Once we have the desired colour, we always put treatment that linked to the part that we put into the lighter. After wards they complement each other. Helping maintain strength, shine, and elasticity of your hair.

If your hair is very dark, we will never promise that we can achieve platinum blonde in one sitting at the salon. We are very honest we pride ourselves of our knowledge over the years’ experience. And advise you accordingly.

So, if we feel it could take 2/3 times to achieve desired look. We will help explain this to you. We too want your hair at desired look (if possible) But we also want your hair in BEST condition and you feeling and looking your best. While on the journey to platinum blonde or desired blonde.

We also will help advise you on products to use on your hair while at home. To help look after the condition of your hair from heat (Hair Dryers, Straighteners) as blonde hair is more delicate.

The lighter that we use. Clients feedback has been amazing (AND NO BLEACH) Toner is sometimes used to help desired look. We will help and advise depending on what type of blonde your desire.

Some clients like white blonde or ash blonde or grey slate etc …

We ask you to come in for consultation in person. We can sit down together. We ask for you to fill in record card with us. Skin test is required and recorded for our records to make sure we keep it up to date. We also keep record of your requirements and products we use. We also talk through the prices and exactly what you will be receiving.

We hope this helps you getting BLONDE hair in the best way without bleach and yellow tones.

If you have any more questions, please feel to ask Faye we are happy to help.

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