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Updated: Apr 23, 2020

Hello, my name is Ellie and I am beautician at Bailey & Jones Hair & Beauty Salon.

During my time being a beautician, I have been asked various questions about beauty. So today I have decided to share my knowledge with you.

Today I will be talking about Eyebrows I will share some of the questions I have been asked and I will answer them.

Here are the questions;

Q. What is the best way to grow my eyebrow?

A. I always suggest using castor oil and not plucking your eyebrows, caster oil helps enhance the health of the hair and follicle which promotes hair growth.

Q. How do I help my brows appear thicker and in better shape?

A. Eyebrow tint will be the best option as the tint takes in finer hairs too, this helps the brow look thicker and then waxing or threading will help create desired shape.

Q. My brows are out of control and some are sticking straight up what can I do?

A. Using a good brow gel will help tame your brows and keep them in place and sticks any stray hairs down within shape.

Q. How often should I get my eyebrows wax or threaded?

A.I always recommend coming 4-6 weeks, this depends on the rate your hairs grow everyone is different.

Q. What lasts longer wax or threading?

A. They both last the same about of time as both techniques remove the hair from the follicle.

Q. What colour tint will be best for my eyebrows?

A.I always go by your natural hair colour (root colour) so it looks natural and not harsh on your skin.

Q. Does getting my eyebrows done hurt?

A. Honestly yes and no, everyone has a preference to what they prefer to be done, some people find waxing better and others find threading better, when you go to get your eyebrows done ask to try both so you can see for yourself what you prefer.

Everyone always ask me what makeup products I use on my eyebrows. I have used quite a few different products, but I love to use the benefit Gimme Brow in shade pomade in the shade medium.

I Hope you all find this useful if you have any other questions please feel free to ask ill be happy to help.

Thankyou Ellie Bailey & Jones Hair Beauty Bar xx

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